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Dr. Roach: Natural immunity versus vaccination

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was sick for two weeks at home with the coronavirus and made a complete recovery. Why wouldn’t recovering from the virus ... Read more

Legislature’s assault on open records makes it hard to celebrate Sunshine Week

How to “celebrate” Sunshine Week 2021 when all around us is darkness? This is the question the Kentucky Open Government Coalition has struggled with since ... Read more

Girdler gives update on legislative action

This week’s 30-day Regular Session activity ended with dozens of bills on the Governor’s desk. Having already completed 28 legislative days, both the House and ... Read more

Harmon: It’s time to fix Kentucky’s unemployment system

Governor Beshear, thousands of Kentuckians are counting on you. It’s hard when you don’t have all the answers. I get it. We all face challenges ... Read more

Flood response proves there’s no place like home

Home always holds a special place in your heart, as do the people you grew up around and have known for most, and in some ... Read more

Protect journalists and activists from vindictive lawsuits; then there are also public records

By Jim Waters It’s one thing for government agencies to deny open records requests from the press or public. It’s quite another for those entities ... Read more

Colorectal cancer; Save a life with early screening

By Dan McKay President/CEO, Ephraim McDowell Health March is National Colorectal Cancer Month. With over 100,000 new cases every year, colorectal cancer is the second ... Read more

Boundaries for leaders

By DR. TODD GRAY, Kentucky Baptist Convention Have you ever had a week when you wanted to talk to the person who packed your schedule ... Read more

Put a little more thought into it

Dear Dave, I don’t like admitting this, but I absolutely hate my job. Last year I almost cashed out part of my 401(k) to start ... Read more

Kentucky legislators should not embrace pharmaceutical manufacturer “kickback” system

Big Pharma rang in 2021 by hiking prices on a whopping 800 drugs by an average of nearly 5 percent.  These additional costs far outpace ... Read more

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