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How has your life changed since COVID arrived?
We would like to hear from you

It’s been more than a year since most of us have seen at least some aspect of our lives turned upside down by the arrival ... Read more

Will Kentucky’s State Senate preserve the people’s voice?

By Richard Nelson Commonwealth Policy Center The most consequential pro-life bill in my lifetime is being considered by the Kentucky State Senate. What’s fascinating about ... Read more

Honoring God with your stimulus money

By SHAWN DOBBINS The federal government has passed three separate COVID relief bills to cover losses during a pandemic year. Christians will disagree on whether ... Read more

Dear Abby: Cruelties of the past linger in relationship with stepmom

DEAR ABBY: For more than four decades, my stepmother, “Vera,” and I never got along. We tolerated each other for the sake of my father, ... Read more

Whose account are you going to believe?

It is not enough to know that God exists as the realm of darkness also believes that God is true. If we choose to live ... Read more

Dr. Roach: Natural immunity versus vaccination

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was sick for two weeks at home with the coronavirus and made a complete recovery. Why wouldn’t recovering from the virus ... Read more

Legislature’s assault on open records makes it hard to celebrate Sunshine Week

How to “celebrate” Sunshine Week 2021 when all around us is darkness? This is the question the Kentucky Open Government Coalition has struggled with since ... Read more

Girdler gives update on legislative action

This week’s 30-day Regular Session activity ended with dozens of bills on the Governor’s desk. Having already completed 28 legislative days, both the House and ... Read more

Harmon: It’s time to fix Kentucky’s unemployment system

Governor Beshear, thousands of Kentuckians are counting on you. It’s hard when you don’t have all the answers. I get it. We all face challenges ... Read more

Flood response proves there’s no place like home

Home always holds a special place in your heart, as do the people you grew up around and have known for most, and in some ... Read more

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